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The bottleneck problem of Forza Horizon 3 Prague track

Forza Horizon 3 Prague track has been a player worried about the track, Every time you go to this corner will happen crash situation.

With the average online chaos it's a different story though. Someone either misjudges the angle and goes straight into the tire barrier which bounces them back into the pack or someone brakes way too hard.

Completely false. 24 car grids are perfectly reasonable for races. People need to have better driving standards, or the kick function needs to work, or any number of other better fixes than reducing the car counts.

The grabby tire walls punt people back out on the racing line. track because of one narrow turn with stupid tire walls instead of just using sticky grass to prevent corner cutting. Why does the game even shit tires and signs all over the track.


They really need to polish up the ghosting mechanic. If you are completely sideways and practically stopped on the track you should be ghosted. But instead you end up punting someone 100 feet down the track.

Forza really needs to stop having so many players in a race. There's absolutely no need to have 24 players on a single track. There shouldn't be anymore than 8-12.

Prague is a great track for Class A and below, but anything above and it's a bloody nightmare. Let the AI or the players in a lobby (or in this case, a league) get sideways in the wrong corner, or bounce off the wrong wall, and it's a clusterfuck. So much of the track is blind, and the radar system can only help so much.

And it's a shame, because it's a wonderful track for upper class cars to hot-lap on, but passing is a nightmare and it's too easy to have any work thrown away by someone else's mistake...or your own mistake.

So, when you run to the track, you must be careful, this track so many players upset, this time you must quickly pass, do not hesitate, that will only make you an error, but also delay You spend a lot of time. hope you play happy.

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