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Forza Horizon 3 Word Part 2

Redstone Gold Mine
Dump trucks as big as small houses transport the ore and gold deposits to this facility out in the dry and dusty desert of the Dry Reservoir. This refining and collection facility is full of jumps and slippery slurry pits. The mine is best viewed when it’s lit up at night, shining like a beacon from a distance. A round of King or Infected is very suitable for this location.

Forza Horizon 3 Word Part 2

Silver Sands Shipwrecks
Rust, sand, and water combine to make the Silver Sand Shipwrecks arguably the most unique setting in Forza history. Almost otherworldly in its presence this tidal area is full of the rusted hulks of oceanic transportation. This makes for some awesome terrain though since the old hulls have rotted through creating ramps and obstacles, as well as places to hide. If you want to splash around or catch some salty sea air, there isn’t a better place to go.

Surfers Paradise
Welcome to Surfers Paradise, where ultra-modern skyscrapers are literally just a stone’s throw from the beach. As beautiful as this ocean-side city is during the day, full of sun-loving locals and tourists alike, it truly comes to life at night; a neon-drenched beach-side utopia just waiting to be explored in whatever car or truck you’ve got handy.

The Twelve Apostles
You’re correct if you point out that there are no longer 12 of the “Twelve Apostles,” the gorgeous limestone stacks that appear off the coast of Victoria, near the Great Ocean Road. But that doesn’t diminish their grandeur one bit. No matter what car you’re cruising in, it’s impossible to not slow down a bit and enjoy their sublime natural beauty.

Yarra Valley
This may be the heart of Australian wine country, but there’s no time for a sipping tour. Some of the most beautiful countryside in all of Forza Horizon 3 can be found here – from the open hills south of the Yarra Valley Horizon Festival to the dramatic Maroondah Reservoir, a prime location for boating aficionados and car photographers looking for a stunning background with which to practice their craft.

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