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Factors affecting the Forza Horizon 3 game frame rate

Recently a lot of players are talking about their Xbox On X play Forza Horizon 3, the game frame rate is a bit high, then what is the reason for the impact of the game frame rate?


Just look at theXbox One X specification and can not explain the whole picture. There is a technology and design architecture specifically designed for Xbox One X that has not been done on any console or PC, and the developer is talking about cutting CPU overhead, compared to anything else on the market for a lot of time The Efficiency and technology can be built exclusively in a closed system console, even if it does not match on a PC, and that's where OneX has crossed the huge leap of internal and external developers.

They talk about the optimization of the CPU even in the original Xbox a real presence. The overhead is lower than the PC, which is why the PC typically needs to have a stronger CPU pair that can match the console settings, but considering how weak the jaguars are, this is not entirely too difficult. Entry-level Core i5 will go beyond it in every possible way.


Computer memory

If your computer memory is relatively small, when running the game, your computer will be some cardton, then the game frame rate will rise, so you play the game will not be so happy. if you want to play happy, then you have to change your memory to large.

Video card

Now a lot of players computer graphics card configuration is not very good, even if some players of the computer graphics card is GTX, play Forza Horizon 3 fps is relatively high. So when you play Forza Horizon 3 find the game frame rate a bit high, you can change the video card.

The overall computer system configuration will affect the fluency of the game, so you can put your computer configuration into a high.

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